Main Advantages of Modafinil

1. Congnitive Enhancement: overall higher levels of thinking, awareness, recognition and memory

2. Awakefullness: staying awake longer when necessary at irregular hours.

3. Enhanced Focus: one pill early on the day makes your razor-sharp for the rest of the day.

4. Time Saving: getting the job done in the least amount of time.

5. Increased Productivity: efficiently executing tasks.

6. Fighting Procrastination: you will be less inclined to postpone work as you want to put your mind to work.

7. Sports Discipline: Modafinil gets you motivated to get more active. Not a performance enhancer.

8. Happiness: studies showing increased levels of dopamine in the brain.

9. Increased Empathy: An organized mind and overall happiness naturally leads to more interest in, and compassion with others.

10. Cognitive Dysfunction Treatment: it is prescribed for attention-deficit disorders (ADD/ADHD) but also psychiatric disorders as schizophrenia etc.*

*WE HIGHLY DISCOURAGE SELF MEDICATION. If you suspect yourself to be somewhere in the attention deficit spectrum, please talk to a psychiatrist and get prescription drugs.