Top 10 Use Cases for Modafinil

Our recurring clients are mostly those engaged in heavy brainpower consuming activities, i.e. students, teachers, researchers, and in general those working at irregular hours. We have compiled a list of activities for which, according to our clients, Modafinil is most often used for:

  1. Exam Preparations: study efficiently being focused, with less stress, and improved memory.
  2. Finishing Complex Tasks: You easier connect the dots and help you ‘system-thinking’.
  3. Online Gaming & Stock Trading: Staying awake and sharp at irregular hours (common amongst poker pro’s!).
  4. Long Distance Driving: Keep the focus on the road and stay safe by improved reaction time.
  5. Shift-workers: Defeat sleepiness at hours the body wants to rest.
  6. Managerial tasks: improving planning skills with enhanced oversight
  7. Decision-Making: come to informed decisions better weighing relevance of arguments.
  8. Artistic Work: Play around with higher levels of creativity.
  9. Health Fanatics: Modafinil accelerates calorie burning by 32%, and induces weight loss.
  10. Meeting Deadlines: reportedly confides people when confronted with sudden time pressure.