Why should I buy it from you and not directly from the source?

Modafinil is mostly produced in the far-East. Most of the imports in European and American pharmacies comes from Indai. Ordering directly from the production facility involves many risks.

First of all there is the financial risk. You cannot order a small quantity and have to order wholesale packages of up to 1000 pills. In case your pills do not arrive you will risk a substantial amount of money.

Then there is the risk of being sent of lesser quality. It is well known that certain producers are sending first time customers the least qualitative batches of their production. There are even cases of outright scam in which people received pure placebo pills.

But of course the biggest risk is the chance of interception at the customs. In the beginning of our import selection process we have experienced financial loss as 7/10 of our batches were intercepted and destroyed by customs.

After much trial and error Modafinil Europe has been able to figure out the logistics guaranteeing a continued reliable supply of our products. We have eventually managed to contract a trusted reliable supplier delivering a high quality product.

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